What Size Generator Do I Need?

When it comes to choosing a generator, bigger isn’t always better. There is a whole range of considerations that you need to take into account in pinpointing the right generator for your situation. Pick the wrong generator and you could end up overloading and overheating it. You could even damage it permanently. If you’ve got everything riding on a reliable and constant power supply, the last thing you need is a costly and inconvenient breakdown. Knowing what size generator will best suit your needs is crucial.

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4 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Backup Generator

There’s nothing worse than a power outrage when the success of your business relies on a consistent tide of electricity to function.  Your employees sit at their desks, bemused by the lack of solutions available, or maybe your electrical requirement saves lives, and the power dropped out during a veterinary procedure or a dental exam. K Electrical understand, electricity influences more than our private lives in front of the TV after work. Review our four reasons why every business needs a backup generator and ask yourself, why doesn’t my business have a Plan B? Continue reading

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