Utilising effective lighting to increase retail revenue

effective lighting

Good lighting in retail is generally recognised as an essential marketing & sales tool.  In most cases proper use of retail lighting can significantly improve sales and have an impact on the customer’s shopping experience.

Just as important as installing effective lighting so too is regular checking and cleaning of light fixtures. The cleanliness of your retail business is a reflection of the retail store’ image.  My tip would be to check your lights every morning to ensure it hasn’t moved accidently, this is best carried out in teams of two; one person on the ladder while other team member is surveying from the ground. At all times wear gloves when dealing with lights as they can get hot.

A simple but effective method to power up (excuse the pun) your store image is hiring a qualified commercial electrician to install strategically planned lighting for your potential customers.  Some might agree that one of the most important aspects is lighting in your retail business.

It can inform a passer-by your open for business. Moreover, the older generation, more specifically seniors may find it difficult to read product descriptions and prices under poor lighting conditions, consequently hindering their purchasing decision and, thus a loss in a potential sale.  Spending time on improving the lighting can have a positive effect on that target market segment.

On a personal shopping excursion, I had observed that in the women’s fashion department in particular cosmetic areas, lighting was the brightest out of all the areas on the floor.  Incredibly the lighting effect did make me pause and think, plus the cosmetic point of displace was positioned in the centre of walkway in between the front entrance and the exit leading to the car park, which I had no choice but to walk through it.

Some of the different types of lighting are:

  • Ambient lighting – normally regarded as overhead lighting for the entire retail store.
  • Accent lighting – usually bright and consumes large amount of electricity, mostly used to showcase certain products, as oppose to general lighting.

So to conclude lighting should be one of main priorities in the design of your store and careful consideration of how it relates to your space and products.  Lighting as a whole can greatly improve the brand image of the store, lure customers in and enhance the overall shopping experience.

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