4 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Backup Generator

There’s nothing worse than a power outrage when the success of your business relies on a consistent tide of electricity to function.  Your employees sit at their desks, bemused by the lack of solutions available, or maybe your electrical requirement saves lives, and the power dropped out during a veterinary procedure or a dental exam. K Electrical understand, electricity influences more than our private lives in front of the TV after work. Review our four reasons why every business needs a backup generator and ask yourself, why doesn’t my business have a Plan B?

Protect Workflow

Imagine you’re in the middle of a momentous meeting, presenting to a big maybe client or angling for a raise. You’ve started a presentation and suddenly, the screen goes blank. The phones don’t work. The computers are blank. The internet notes you were relying on are suddenly inaccessible. Even the air conditioner has stopped working and the fridge is no longer keeping your lunch fresh. This whole scenario can be avoided with a backup generator. Instead of this series of unfortunate events, you will impress the client or score the raise, be able to call your partner from your work phone and email a colleague I DID IT, while enjoying the air-conditioning overhead.

Minimise Efficiency Issues

If your business relies on electricity and your employees don’t have electricity to achieve their daily tasks, efficiency issues will arise and routines will be broken. Whether your connection is down for a couple of hours or a couple of days, you’ve already lost their investment and concentration for the day.

Stop Hemorrhaging Money

Once the power goes down, you lose money. Employee wages spent on nothing but a black screen, dead phones and limited points of contact, that telephone conference you had scheduled soon disappears and you miss out on potentially hundreds of thousands; even losing thousands or hundreds is enough to justify the installation of a backup plan.

Peace of Mind

Contingency plans exist to ensure you can get on with your workday without contending with blackouts and brownouts. Your job is already stressful enough without worrying the potential pitfalls of a day or two without power to your building. A backup generator will work when required, producing consistent energy to your office, transitioning between power sources only when you need it to.

In the long term, investing in a generator is a cost savvy solution to a potentially costly what if question. While others around you might struggle, you can be assured of your power needs all day, every day.

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