What Do Commercial Electricians Do?

Commercial buildings and appliances have intrinsically complex electrical fittings – often far more so than those found in private residences. Consequently, many electricians do not have the equipment or expertise to undertake commercial electrical maintenance or installation and this raises the question – what do commercial electricians do? The duties and skills of a commercial electrician are numerous and this article serves to outline several of the more pertinent tasks for which it is advisable to hire a commercial electrician.

Housing developments

Housing developments are typically extensive by their very nature. A commercial enterprise of such a magnitude requires more than just a standard electrical service and there are several reasons for this; some of which are listed below.

  • Electrical connection

Connecting the houses within a housing development, to a power source is large and complex job. Whilst some utility companies might offer electrical sources throughout an area, the connection of houses and land blocks to these sources can sometimes require additional electrical work and this ought to be undertaken by a commercial electrician. Housing estates are often developed within a relatively quick timeframe and as such, the electrical work must be completed within a somewhat strict time limit. Standard electricians might not have the skills, experience or equipment necessary to adhere to these demanding conditions and this is why a skilled commercial electrician is important.

  • Internal electrical fittings

Prior to a home’s connection to an electrical source, the internal electrical fittings require installation and this will invariable differ from house to house. Particular requirements are often specified by home building companies or homeowners and the logistics behind adhering to such varying demands are complicated. This is another reason that proficient commercial electricians are necessary in housing developments.

Electrical maintenance

Maintaining the complex electrical fittings within industrial or commercial buildings is an inherently difficult task. Commercial and industrial buildings serve very specific purposes by virtue of their nature and electrical components are installed in accordance with this. As such, it is vital that an electrical contractor have an expansive and intricate knowledge of a considerable variety of electrical systems. For example, the electrical installations of a large petrol station will be far different to those of a retail business and they will both contain different features. This is where an experienced commercial electrician becomes paramount, as keeping large-scale commercial systems of this nature well maintained is not only important for the productivity of a business, but also the safety of the employees and customers therein. Inexperienced or underqualified electricians are unlikely to have the requisite knowledge to safely and efficiently conduct such maintenance and making some enquiries of an operator prior to contracting them is strongly advisable.

What can distinguish a commercial electrician from a standard operator?

The primary indicator of a highly skilled commercial electrician is experience. Some of Queensland’s most highly regarded companies have in excess of thirty years experience and this suggests that they are dedicated to adapting with the dynamic nature of modern electrical systems. Additionally, a great deal of experience invariably means that the operator in question has had no incidents of negligent service. The electrical industry is heavily regulated due to the many safety implications surrounding electrical work. Consequently, any negligent operations are likely to be sanctioned by regulatory bodies and companies that are responsible for unsafe practices can receive significant fines and even lose their electrical licences.

There are numerous features that are typically unique to a commercial electrician and looking for these in a prospective contractor is suggested so as to ascertain their suitability to commercial projects. Choosing an experienced and highly qualified commercial electrician will guarantee a high standard of work and efficient, safe electrical installations and maintenance.

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